Easter time






” Easter is quite important in my family. It all starts
with Shrove Tuesday. It is weeks before Easter but
it is the day when my mother makes lots of delicious
pancakes. I stop eating chocolate for Lent, which is
really difficult for me! I love eating lots of chocolate
eggs at Easter. When I was young, we used to hunt
for Easter Eggs. I always ate all the ones I found
and I was sick afterwards. I still like eating chocolate,
but I don’t eat too much.!”



Easter vocabulary

Lent: the period of 40 days before Easter, starting on
Ash Wednesday, when some Christians stop eating meat on Fridays
pancakes: pancakes are eaten on Shrove Tuesday,
commonly known as Pancake Day, which is the last
day before Lent begins

Friday: Good Friday is the Friday before Easter,
which Christians remember as the day that Jesus
Christ died

bunny: the Easter bunny is an imaginary rabbit that
children believe brings chocolates or sweets at Easter
eggs: Easter eggs are egg-shaped chocolates
traditionally given as presents on Easter Sunday
Cross: the structure on which Jesus Christ died
according to the Bible. On Good Friday, Christians
traditionally eat hot cross buns, which are sweet
individual cakes with a cross on the top.

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